NGOs Registered with us

Following is a list of all the NGOs registered with us. If you know any NGO who would benefit from our technology please ask them to create an account with us or contact on

Action For Development Of Demos Add

To establish a healthy society of worthy individuals free from discrimination or exploitation by bringing

Action For Green Earth (AGE)

The ‘Moto’ of AGE-India is the development of ‘thought’ of people of poor sections


AHEAD (ACTION FOR HOLISTIC EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT) was established in 2003 as voluntary development

Action For Women & Child Development (AWCD)

Action for Women and Child Development (AWCD) is a society registered under society’s registration

Action In Community And Training

An NGO working with education of children , women empowerment & Livelihoods. Mainstreaming 170 Child

Action Of Human Movement AHM

Action of Human Movement (AHM) is a registered charity working for the deprived section women , children

Adarsh Charitable Trust

A one stop rehabilitation centre for children affected with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Down syndrome and

Adi Gram Samiti

ADI GRAM SAMITI (AGS) is a non-governmental, non-profit earning, national organization working since

Aditya Jyot Foundation

It is a charitable trust, registered on June 30, 2005. Registration number 22701A blind person is in


We work for the cause of people with intellectual challenges like Downs Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy,