Let's Network & Advocate a Cause

We live in the world that is well connected and by virtue of being always online and active we are well networked within our circles. While Change does require on-ground voluntary action or monetary assistance , we have also garnered a Network that can be leveraged to achieve social good.

Advocacy module is all about providing your views on various social issues and suggesting solutions on how you would want the world to tackle it? And it is about garnering support and relying on the readers network to amplify the same amongst everybody.

We all are relatively connected to 300-500 people online via several networks. What if we spread a right message to the right audience and leverage this network to raise awareness for a social cause?

The Advocacy module helps you do the following

  • Share your opinion and views regarding various social issues
  • Read through views of several other change makers
  • Share the views you agree with within your network and help nonprofits and foundations raise awareness
  • Amplify the right messages and garner support online

Like every business invests significantly on several marketing campaigns to make a mark in the customers mind, we cannot have the luxury of similar funds for a social cause. However if each one of us does that bit in creating, consuming and sharing the right content. then the impact made by Advocacy will be far greater.

By the way we do vet the views that you see online on the portal and only the relevant ones are approved and whenever you share something online we manage the count of advocate internally. Who know you might have an impact just by sharing!

Let the creation and sharing begin!