Why the name ProjectHeena

One of the questions that we frequently receive is why the name 'ProjectHeena'. That sounds quirky right? But rest assured it was not decided by drawing a lottery in our office. The thought behind this name is deeper and hence requires a dedicated page :P

What should we name it?

We are building this platform to help people collaborate for the cause they stand for. We think we need to reinvent the way volunteering is done in India and the world. The basic message that was to be communicated was "Even you will gain if you start giving". Simple examples like we learn more when we teach what we have learned. We get satisfaction no money can buy when we help someone achieve their goal. Its all about "Paying it Forward".

But the problem was names that we earlier decided like - Generoism, BeingHuman (yes we thought that first), lend a hand, etc., didn't communicate the whole message. The final name was decided, basis the thought that - we are on a mission to make people contribute for better future.

Heena means 'Mehendi' in India. Its an urdu word for a paste that when applied on palms leaves a nice red color stain. Heena is used during festivals and weddings in several countries including India.

The name Heena is adopted post inspiration from the following lines taken from a poem by Indian Saint Raheem.

Heena colors not just the hands of the receiver but also the hands of the giver. Heena for us stands for Happiness, Help and Gratitude. It increases as we share it further. When we volunteer to help someone we don't just help the receiver; even ourselves get helped in some ways by the gratitude shown.

Like the logic? We would appreciate if you can join ProjectHeena and let us figure out the best tasks for you to volunteer for. Also if possible please share a word with your group by Clicking Here for FB or here for Twitter and sharing the color of Heena and happiness with others.

Remember - The most colored hands and the happiest hearts are the ones who gave Heena the most not the ones who tried to hold back!

Keep Rocking!