Impactful CSR Projects & Collaboration

While we provide the easiest ways to make an impact and change the world we realize that most of them are directed towards individuals. Whether it’s Volunteering, Donations or Advocacy all the modules rely on individuals coming together and making an impact. How about teams coming together for a bigger task?

Collaborate or the Collaboration module is meant for the CSR teams to work on larger projects for a longer time period and track the complete projects online, in turn bringing significant impact on ground.

A simple example for all the modules can be this (Assuming education is the cause we are championing here):

  • Volunteering – Teaching kids math or how to draw during weekends, max 3-4 times a month
  • Donations – Donating for books Or 1 month of child’s education online
  • Advocacy – Creating and sharing unique solutions on how illiteracy can be eradicated or sharing status updates with your network about the progress so they can join too
  • Collaborate – Creating or maintaining the school for a longer period (6 months to couple of years). This might include funding the school, managing several milestones, research about the real needs, managing the beneficiaries of the school, surveying them to understand needs and the impact made etc.

Collaboration module allows the CSR team to come work together, with NGOs/Foundations, Auditors, Volunteers or other social enterprises to manage large long running projects. Our teams and partners can start and manage a complete project online where all the details are captured and instead of random means of communication, all the communication can be captured online on one single platform.

Most of the modules like the collaboration modules helps in the following ways:

  • Allow all collaborators/partners to come online on a single platform
  • Update and track the progress online
  • Report the achievements and upload evidences like Photos, reports etc. in the upload section
  • Archive every update so that it can be audited any given point in time

The collaborate module will set new benchmarks in transparency and help CSR team to track their CSR projects in a very convenient way possible. In case if you find that a certain section of society can be benefited by executing a long term project there, your suggestions are most welcome and we invite you to partner with us for our long term projects too.

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