Donating Responsibly & Creating an Impact

While donating something to the needy has been in our nature from the very day we started our existence, however from the same time we have doubts about how much, why and to whom these donations to be made? Whether they make an impact? Or are we supposed to leave everything on karma?

We all are aware that there is a huge world outside that is not as privileged as we are right now. We all know that sharing a small piece of what we have with the ‘have nots’ of the world will not make a significant difference to us but will have a great impact on their lives than why do we have such doubts?

With the donations module we plan to simplify all the doubts and issues with regards to donating for a noble cause. We call it “Responsible Donations”

Here is how we solve the problem:

  • Whatever donations requests you see online are properly vetted before they reach you. We check the need and the impact that it will make on ground.
  • The work doesn’t complete ones you have completed the donation, rather it starts from there. Every receiver is supposed to update the utilization of funds in a transparent manner with all the required evidences.
  • We ask people to share progress and audit the evidences so that more confidence is garnered and further donors can be reached by sharing the updates with the world.

How powerful will it be if even after a year you would have an option to go back, open the donation page that you participated in and track the progress the way you want?

What if there was an option to suggest the receiver and provide him views on how the funds can be better utilized?

Will we be ready to share a small piece of what we have, when we know that it’s being used in the right cause, in the right manner and with complete transparency?

If your answers to any or all the above questions was a resounding YES! Than like us, probably you too prefer making impactful donations in a responsible way rather than not taking action at all! We welcome you to check all the available donations in the donation module online and contribute to a larger good.

You have all the required details of the donations already made available, and if for any reason you find that certain data isn’t there we are always a call/mail away.

Happy Donating (Responsibly)!