Welcome to the World of Volunteering

Congratulations, on your decision to take action and Volunteer for Change. We all desire a better world and have ideas that can bring transformation. However it takes real action to make the impact the world needs. Ready to be a 'Doer' ? Have any doubts on Volunteering? Let us address these right away and welcome you to the world of doing good.

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering has always been synonymously used with the terms Community Services or pro-bono help. While most of us have the privilege to lead a good life, we know that a huge community outside our four walls needs more help and care.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.

Elizabeth Andrew

Why Volunteer? What are the benefits of Volunteering?

While volunteering may seem a great contribution from your side, it also is a great experience and brings gain to the giver too! Surprised! Lets highlight why should one volunteer

When you Volunteer You Give

  • A better life to a needy person
  • A way for someone to be self sustainable or access a resource
  • A better society that cleaner, greener and altruistic in nature
  • A community that cherishes all its achievements and shares all the challenges together
  • A better planet that grows together
  • And many more ....

However when you Volunteer you also gain

  • A Chance to learn a new skill
  • Compassion and happiness of making a difference
  • More Confidence & self esteem in your work
  • Understanding of management skills
  • Understanding of life by meeting new people, thought and cultures to broaden your horizons
  • To make a difference beyond what you are just supposed to do
  • And many more ....

Can I Volunteer? What it takes?

While you might think Volunteering as a huge task or commitment, believe us you are far from reality. You can just contribute a few hours, a small skill or a few days in the whole year and still can make a huge impact. Here on this portal we match your location, skills and time preferences with the right causes and give you the opportunity to explore several areas where you can contribute.

So here is the gist

  • This doesn't require a huge commitment (although even that is most welcome). A few hours a month is good enough to make an impact
  • This doesn't require you to Change the whole world in a day, just starting with a small act of kindness is enough
  • This doesn't require a lot of hard work.
  • Remember if you are reading this sentence, a million kids outside would love to learn to read the same from you
  • All it does require is an Open mind, Compassionate Heart and Zeal to make a difference. We don't promise it will be all easy and fun, but we promise it would be worth it!
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