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Fundraising For Education of Underprivileged children

1. Working on a fundraising drive for online education of underprivileged children
2. Organizing fundraising events and activities for this social impact award
3. Brainstorming and coming up with innovative strategies and ideas to attain the goal that has been set by the organization
4. Exploring new opportunities to apply for funds, grants, and projects
5. Supporting the team and also can be part of the iCFDR team in the long run
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    This is continuous task, without any start or end date. You can join right away and start doing good.
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Indian Centre For Development And Rights

Indian Centre for Development and Rights, ICFDR, is a non-profit social organization working for upliftment of marginalized and weaker sections of society. ICFDR an NGO in India focuses on key four areas – education, health, environment, empowerment

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