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Animal welfare

Created this group to help and stop the abuse to animals who are ill or injured, and oppose cruelty like killing them or  abusing in any other way like cock fighting, dog fighting, and bullfighting etc,  I want all of  you,  to come together and become a active participants to save such animals from abuse  and/or pet them or take them for adoption or transfer them to nearby ngo or government animal farm, also to assist us in sharing photos, fundraising and writing campaigns to protest against such unfair treatment to  animals.

I am forming this group for simple tasks, in which a group members will get a very simple job i.e. wherever we find a stray/vagrant animal we simply take that animal and bring him/her to home or move them to animal farm and make them bath, make them hygienic, feed them and then transferred them to nearby ngo or governmental animal farm.

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I am Manoj Pathrabe Age 53 yrs , Basically an Engineer by profession working with PSU. I have been working in marketing field for last

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