NGOs Registered with us

Following is a list of all the NGOs registered with us. If you know any NGO who would benefit from our technology please ask them to create an account with us or contact on


Valmiki Hriday is a home for destitute children - a pet project of Valmiki Foundation (

Valsad Sports Association

The aim of our organization is to promote in particular the game of Chess among people of valsad district.


Vanarai was established by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia in the year 1982. After achieving considerable

Vasantarao Deshpande Prathisthan

Will be Updated Soon.It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content

Vathsalya Charitable Trust

A child welfare organization focussing on Education and nutrition and total well being of child, training

Vatsalya Ngo

Vatsalya Charitable Trust Nichakaotada is the brain child of group of youth of ‘Nichakaoatada’

Vatsalya Trust

Vatsalya Trust was formed in 2008 by a Team of Experienced & Young committed professionals with the

Vidya Poshak

Vidya Poshak, is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO), serving education community. The organization

Vidyanagar Nature Club

VNC, Voluntary Nature Conservancy (formally known as ‘Vidyanagar Nature Club‘ registered


Vidyaranya was started in 1991. The aim is â€˜To work with marginalized sections of the society