Gua, Jharkhand, India

About us

Mission : WARS would strive hard to systematically convince the government and other agencies about the health needs of the communities. It would help support the government and other agencies in formulating and implementing necessary health programmes in State. Vision : People of the state would be able to live a peaceful and healthy life that would base on Self Employment Generation. Poverty, illiteracy, inequality, violence, ignorance, diseases and infirmity would be replaced by peaceful community and family life, prosperity, adequate education and physically, mentally and socially healthy individuals. 

Objectives of Organisation :

 ð   to promote Social, Economical, Educational, Cultural and Spiritual Development of the Aadivasis as well as Villages/Villagers.

 ð to preserve, promote and project Aadivasi Social and Cultural Values.

 ð   to create awareness among Aadivasis about their Constitutional Rights.

 ð   to make special endeavour for the welfare and development of Aadivasi Women and children in difficult circumstances.

 ð   to promote the conditions of the health, education and normal life of the people.

 ð   the special stress will have to be given to the activities of Agricultural development, self -  employment   generation for upliftment of the village/cottage industries and to the work  related with upliftment of poor Section of the society, especially the trible population and

       unemployed youths.

   ð   to provide fertilisers to the poor villagers and promote agricultural education.

 ð   to organise seminars for developement of National Unity Awareness programmes to  youths.

Causes we work on

  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health Care
  • Water & Sanitation

Awards won

  • IPM Peace Award. Volunteer Blood donation Award.

Why work with us

Social works gives us social values
NGO Details

Contact Details

  • 'Vivekananda Public School Complex' P.O. Gua Dt. : West Singhbhum Jharkhand - 833213
  • 9430780682
  • warsindia06@gmail.com