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Volunteers required for event organized for senior citizens

Just some details regarding the event and the basic stuff that you need to do at the event:

This is an enrichment at 60 program designed for senior citizens where we intend to provide a lot of benefits to senior citizens like :
  • Provision of senior citizen cards (2:00pm to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Engagement and fun activities both the days (from 5 till 8pm)
  • Health Camp ( sunday, 2pm onwards till 4:30pm)

Here 2 volunteers will look into the provision of senior citizen cards and interact with people (i will tell you what you need to do, you just need to provide forms and tell them the documents we need for verification). 2 more volunteers will be required to go around the mall and invite people for the event.
An emcee who will be on the platform throughout to invite people is required as well.



JIgar, your help is highly appreciated. While the show was going on, you reached out to several visitors to share awareness & provide informational brochures which also increased the footfall at the medical mall.

Donated: 4 Hours

Tarini, we appreciate your help in conducting the event on first day. Thanks for engaging our audience.

Donated: 6 Hours

Himanshu, we appreciate your help in co-ordinating the complete event and also hosting the same on the second day. You were available for every single activity and ensured that the flow of the event was as desired. Thank you.

Donated: 11 Hours

Thanks Kanu for arranging the complete team for our senior citizen event. I should also highlight that you were available in engaging the audience very well. Looking forward for several such initiatives with you.

Donated: 8 Hours

Lakshay, we appreciate your help in conducting the event on first day. Thanks for engaging our audience.

Donated: 6 Hours

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Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has been working for the cause of senior citizens for over 18 years. Dignity Foundation offers the 50+ an enriching set of opportunities to lead a more dignified, secure, joyful and fulfilling life.

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