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Spread awareness and Celebrate World Disability day

Use your skills to spread awareness about Disability!!

Do you know almost 7% of us are disabled. While that number might not seem huge to some, imagine going in a mall, flying with an airlines or going to the movie theater and you never noticed 7% attendants being disabled. Do we have a separate movie complex, or airlines for the disabled. Thats the irony of our life. We need get this straight. Awareness towards disability will be the first step to eradicate the neglect that both the disabled and non-disabled practice on day to day.

3rd December is celebrated as World Disability Day and during this period we are calling for all the skilled friends to use their skills to join for this cause and advocate.

What are we looking for? People with any form of skills. 

  1. The Performers - If you are a Blogger, Social Media addict, Dancer, Poet, Artist, Photographer or Videographer. We need you and we need you now. The availability we expect is 5-7 hours on a weekend for 3 weekends.
  2. Corporate Hosts - Also we are looking for corporate volunteers to screen and showcase some videos in their premises to further aid that cause. The video films (25 mins) are ready, we are providing them free and you can screen in your premises for a team of at least 20. 

All of this is pro-bono and pure volunteer driven activity. Participants will be showcased on ProjectHeena, Our blog and the NGO partner - Trinayani's website

We look forward to your support!



Gaurav you have been one of the core members who helped us plan, execute and scale the WDD campaign! Thank you so much for the support. Your clout on social media helped us gain more dancers and your gesture of arranging all the resources is commendable. Thanks for helping us spread awareness about disability.

Donated: 30 Hours

Thanks Vaibhav for leading the Flash Mob and helping us choreograph the same. Your Spirit and Dance helped us reach out to more masses and raise awareness about Disability. You helped us with everything the venue, the music, choreography and the team work. Thanks so much!

Donated: 30 Hours

Mayank was our star performer for the Dance Flash Mob. The spirit, the energy and the team work in you is commendable. Thanks for joining us in the voluntary work and attending both the flash mobs. We hope you will always be there to help us raise awareness about disability!

Donated: 30 Hours

Dancing along with a group in public malls can be daunting but Sunita always carried this with a smile and style! Thank you so much Sunita for helping us drive the World Disability Day campaign. Your efforts in spreading awareness about disability are commendable! Positioned right at the center of the dancing troupe, you just rocked!!!

Donated: 30 Hours

Every Flash Mob is full of surprises and people dont realize apart from dancers we need real volunteers to help coordinate and manage the crowds at the actual venue. Thank you so much Nikhil to spare your weekends and help us do the same! Thanks!!

Donated: 10 Hours

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Gaurav Puranik
Gaurav Puranik
Flashmob at Oberoi mall. Speech after the ceremony.
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Gaurav Puranik
Gaurav Puranik
Flashmob at Oberoi Mall, Mumbai.
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