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Record Audiobooks - Textbooks


We invite you to participate in our global giving campaign One Glenmark One Voice. By providing a few spare hours you can volunteer from home and create an impact which will help visually impaired kids not just this year but for several years to come.

Since you will be recording textbooks as part of this activity we request you to record the same in a silent space with a soothing and slow voice.

These audio books will help them learn from their textbooks in a better manner and at the same time allow them to register the content in a different way.

Keep your pitch, tonality and pace stable while recording the text book and take regular pauses for the children to digest the material.

Please Click here to access and download the Textbooks.

Pre-requisite for this activity

  1. The volunteers should have a laptop/phone for recording the content.
  2. Decent quality headphones with an inbuilt microphone.
  3. Any voice recording app available on your Phone
  4. Internet Connection to access and upload files.

Instruction for Volunteers 

  1. Before starting the activity, please Register for the task by clicking on the Offer Help Button
  2. Please use a good voice recording app on your smartphone/Laptop.
  3. If required use the noise and echo cancellation option in the app for optimum output.
  4. Settle yourselves in a clear space so the external noise is not overlapping in your recording.
  5. Before you start recording, kindly record small 30 seconds clip to assess the quality of the audio. If it is okay, go ahead with the headphones. If not, try changing the headphone.
  6. Start your recording by stating the “Subject - Book Title”, "Class", "Chapter" and “page number”. For example, you should start your recording by stating clearly “English - Honeydew, Class Eight, Chapter 1 - Page 19” and end the recording by “ English - Honeydew, Class Eight, Chapter 1 - Page 40”
  7. Speak clearly and slowly into the microphone so that the beneficiaries will be able to follow your voice easily.

Submission Process

  1. Save the file as YourName_BookName_Start page_end page
  2. You can upload your audio file by clicking on the Updates tab on the task page. (Opens in new Tab)
  3. If your Audio File is greater than 100mb please contact us at
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English - Beehive, Class IX, Chapter 2 - Part 2(Page 21 - Page 25)
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English - Beehive, Class IX, Chapter 2 - Part 1(Page 16 - Page 20)
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English - Beehive, Class IX, Chapter 1 - Page 9_11
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