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Beach clean-up

Land that is untainted by chemical wastes or human wastes. Marine life, living only in the water, is also affected by waste on beaches. When the tides rise, they collect items on the beach and take the items out when the water lowers, including trash. This can have negative effects on marine life. Let us get rid of the trash in marina beach Chennai, Let's clean the beach on Oct 24, 2022, and Oct 23 `2022 from 1 30 pm to 8 30 pm.
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    Task is Open
  • Duration(Hours)
    Min: 1   |   Max: 10
  • Location
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • People Required
    Min: 15   |   Max: 112
  • Application Deadline
    18th Oct, 2022
  • Starting From
    23rd Oct, 2022
  • Ending On
    24th Oct, 2022
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miraya agarwal

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