Social Work

Social Work

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

About us

Several times you will be involved in activities where you are directly working for a social cause with the beneficiary.

While we always have volunteering tasks created by or for NGOs, we realized the need of a 'social work' account where an initiative is taken irrespective whether there is an NGO organization partnering or not.

While creating Karma Log, starting new initiatives or  doing advocacy campaigns tasks will be created by this NGO account.

Note: This is a holder account directly operated by ProjectHeena Team and not an actual Non-Profit entity. Let the volunteering begin!

Causes we work on

  • Reducing Inequality

Awards won

  • CNBC Young Turks
  • Hottest Startups in India - IDG UK

Why work with us

By volunteering on the ProjectHeena platform you get connected with several legit NGOs who are working on the ground and creating a difference that is required today. Our platform helps you to:
  1. Discover new talent and opportunities to contribute
  2. Engage and keep every one updated
  3. Get Accredited for the work done and inspire everyone in your circle to follow
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    25th Sep, 2014
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