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Web development - Design and Prototype

Hi Project heena team , this is a much needed platform for startups like us to connect with volunteers . The platform is awesome and very intuituve, simple and inviting.

I am founder of efarm, a startup working with farmers to enablemarketing of their produce. We have a web portal ( . For more details about us please visit : . 


The efarmdirect portal currently is a prototype, but has live farmers/buyers data and we do 'match-making' between potential members via search queries and also from backend callcentre.The core is ofcourse having a detailed profile of members, and match them based on parameters.

The UI & Coding actually was more patchwork spaghetti code built on the go as we kept moving acriss the fields..but urgently needs to be redone and easier to maintain.

My first 'help' request is to the team heena itslef...i need some of YOUR time to understand how you built THIS site ,especially that little animation in front page, what UI framework/templates ... have been reading/daaablong a bit on joomla, wordpress, php frameworks but urgently need some 'design' tips and if possible some volunteers t help us make the move. Pls feel free to call me : 9884761354 - Venkat 



Hi Himanshu, Jigar - thanks for the quick revert and putting us on the right track. Thanks for sharing your design tips and advice.. will keep u posted on the progress of the website rework..

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Venkat Subramanian

Founder , eFarm an agri startup based in Chennai. Working towards finding a fix to farmers crisis , using simple IT/Mobile solutions. An architect by education, an IT professional by career and now an agri+social entrepreneur by karma.

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