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SAMPARC Heritage Walk 2018 Online Promotion

Back in 1990, the story of SAMPARC was initiated at the footsteps of Bhaje Caves, and even today, after 28 years, our journey continues. The place is beyond imagination and mesmerizingly beautiful. Both from the historical and archaeological perspective, Bhaje Caves and surrounding areas such as Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, Bedse Caves, and Karla Caves, deserves to be on the heritage list of UNESCO. Thus, with this hope, we organize SAMPARC Heritage Walk every year.

The Internship Program is to involve youth in creating awareness about heritage monuments via promoting SAMPARC Heritage Walk. There is no one better than the younger generation to carry out this important task with full efficiency. Further, it will give immense growth and learning opportunities to the youngsters who will be joining us.

Role of Interns:

• To create awareness about SAMPARC Heritage Walk 2018
• To create awareness about Heritage monuments: Bhaje, Karla, Bedse caves and Lohagad, Visapur Fort
• To promote the preservation of Heritage Monuments

How This Internship Program Will Help Students:

• An intern will receive an appreciation certificate
• Top performer will receive an award
• A chance to explore the heritage monuments
• An opportunity to meet experts from heritage and preservation field
• Learn more about heritage monuments
• Explore Maharashtra’s heritage monuments and culture

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