One platform to manage and scale your Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement.

Why the ProjectHeena platform is right for your CSR team

While in house built applications are difficult to manage, own and evolve; the primary reason that you need ProjectHeena is the collaboration that it brings to one signle platform.

What can be achieved when all your nonprofits / NGO partners, your employees, auditors and stakeholders collaborate one one single platform to do good?

This is a whole new way of solving CSR problems right from its core. And apart from that our Software as a Service approach is   

Easy to use & secure

Made like a social network the platform is intuitive, rewarding and sticky. While using least of data and secured by SSL.

Plug and Play

You dont need to procure licenses, install or manage products. We manage everything so that you concentrate on impact

Ever Evolving

We devise the best ways of managing CSR initiatives. Our SaaS approach gives you all the updates without any additional cost or AMC. All included, no strings attached.

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