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Raahgiri Day

Water is a renewable, but finite, resource. Current consumption patterns demand for more fresh water than what the earth’s natural limits can sustain. As the population grows, pressure on our limited, available supply is mounting. This is exacerbated by pollution and the fact that there are seasonal and geographic differences in the amount of water available

Over-consumption of water is one of the leading causes behind endangered wetlands today. Wetlands – lakes, rivers, marshes, swamps and flood plain areas – that provide for our daily water needs are disappearing rapidly, leaving millions among us in a water crisis that may soon become irreversible and engulf entire cities. In last 100 years, India has lost 50% of its wetlands. Fewer wetlands mean lesser water for people, higher incidents of floods and depleting groundwater levels.

This project is an attempt to educate people  that water consumption by humans is not limited to usage in kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. On a daily basis, we contribute to the consumption of large quantities of water when buying various products, from the food we eat, paper and cotton to bio fuel, indirectly affecting water resources throughout the world. Through this activity,  individuals can get a clear picture of how water usage is exploiting the limited fresh water resources in today's consumer society and what contributions can they make to ensure that there is enough water to sustain all living things on our planet.

Raahgiri will be observed on 6th May and 20th May 2018, volunteers are encouraged to participate. (Volunteers need to attend orientation in advance)

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